The firms of the Group

Sangalli Group operates in the float glass sector through four production factories:

Sangalli Vetro Manfredonia

In 2002, when the production plant Sangalli Vetro Manfredonia started up, Sangalli Group entered upon the sector of float and laminated safety glass.
Located in Monte Sant'Angelo, close to the Gargano mountains, the factory has a gross production capability of about 600 tons/day equal to 200,000 tons/year.
The plant can produce both clear and coloured float glass.
Close to the float production line, one more line has been realized, dedicated to jumbo size laminated safety glass, with a production capability of about 4.000.000 square meters per year.
Services to the customer:
  • Customer Assistance
  • Fixed sizes
  • Fast Delivering (standard products)
  • Technical support in the development of new applications

Sangalli Vetro Porto Nogaro

In 2010 a new and ambitious project saw the light, concreting in the construction of a new innovative plant for clear and extraclear float glass production, as well as laminated safety glass with impact resistance and acoustic absorption properties.
The plant, realized according to the best available technology, is able to produce over 200.000 tons/years of float glass, while the safety laminated production line has a capability of over 5.000.000 sm per year.
The project plan foresees one more investment for the realization of a plant which will produce off-line magnetronic coated glass, on both clear and extraclear basis, as well as monolithic and laminated glass.

Sangalli Vetro Satinato

Starting from 2008, the glass district in Monte Sant'Angelo has been enriched with one more factory: Sangalli Vetro Satinato.
This firm, dedicated to the production of acid etched glass, obtained by a special superficial treatment on float Element glass sheets, has a production capability of about 2.000.000 sm/year.
Due to its long term experience, to the quality of the products and processing techniques, Sangalli Group has enlarged its horizons, proposing exclusive glass articles, oriented to the interior design.
Velvet sees the light, the satinated glass, translucent and luminous, smart and refined, to be used in interior architecture applications.

Sangalli Vetro Magnetronico

Active from may 2009, Sangalli Vetro Magnetronico is the producting unit dedicated to solar control and energy saving coated glasses manufacturing.
Utilizing a full vacuum magnetronic sputtering process, some metal oxides nanometric layers are stettled on float Element glass panes surfaces, giving to the treated glass low-energy absorption properties which brings to low heat emission.
The plant, realized according to the best available technology, has a production capability of about 6.000.000 sm/year.
After six months of activity Sangalli Vetro Magnetronico celebrated the production and selling of the first million square meters.
Starting from 2010, moreover, it began to produce solar control reflecting glasses, to be used in commercial and residential architectural applications and it saw its efforts in environmental protection, recognized with an important award from Assindustria and Legambiente.
The "Climax" product has been, in fact, recommended in the "Environment friendly Innovation Award" contest.

Sangalli Technologies

Sangalli Technologies has been created in order to design and supply melting furnaces and heat recovery systems and to provide technical services.

In ten years more than 300 millions euro have been invested in different production lines of Sangalli Group, with a direct management of design, construction, start up and production set up.

Sangalli Technologies makes now available to any Customer a strong knowledge in all design and production issues as far as in project and construction.