ClimaxOne is the new frontier of energy saving. It's the edge of Climax range, the family of products made to answer to the need of reduction of energy leakage.


ClimaxOne, when assembled in insulating glass, grants for a Ug value equal to 1.0.


A very low energy leakage coefficient, which allows a sensible reduction of oil

consumption during winter.


Assembled in insulating glass with coating side on face 2 it optimizes the heat exchange during summer because of its low solar factor, without compromising light transmission.


ClimaxOne protects the warm of the family and reduces heat losses to the minimum, granting costs reduction for winter heating and summer air conditioning.


ClimaxOne is also available on extraclear basis.



Instruction for use

Stock: keep dry and windy.

Handling and working: ClimaxOne must be necessarily assembled into an insulating glass with the treated side inside.

Avoid direct contact with the coated surface.

Use soft and clean cotton gloves.

Use end caps between suction caps and coated surface.

Put the glass sheet on the cutting table with the coated surface upside.

Cut the glass on the treated side, using a special oil.

Edging: obligatory on the glass shape before assembling into insulating glass.

Washing: use a specific low-E glass washing machine.