The declaration of conformity of each product to the corresponding European technical standard is provided by CE marking.

CE marking must come with the product, it has to be applied according to the prescription (on the product, on delivery and packaging papers, ...) in a permanent and visible way and it indicates the conformity of the product itself to the applicable requirements.

In substance, the responsible person declares that the product is compliant to all the European applicable regulations, that it is manufactured according to the standards and controlled according to the conformity evaluation procedures.

CE marking, which has not any commercial purpose, is not a certificate of origin and does not indicate the marked product to have been produced in European Community.

CE marking, moreover, is not incompatible with other additional marking, which have different meanings, giving the marked product an added value.


Directive 89/106/CE (CPD) regarding construction products, enacted by European Council in 1988 december, 21st, also falls into the "New Approach" guidelines.

The purpose of the regulation is to harmonize the technical standards for construction products among the states members of the European Union, opening the access to the market to all producers in conditions of equity and transparency. As a construction material we mean every product which is intended to permanently be integrated in buildings.

According to CPD directive, these materials may be commercialized only if appropriate for their final utilization and if their characteristics guarantee the work to be compliant to the basic requirements, in terms of:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability;
  • Security in case of fire;
  • Hygiene, health, environment;
  • Safe utilization;
  • Protection against noise;
  • Energy saving and heat maintenance.

D.P.R. no. 246/1993

Directive no.89/106/CE on construction products has been acknowledged by Italy with D.P.R. april 21st 1993, no.246, published on the Italian Republic "Gazzetta Ufficiale" no.170 of july 22nd 1993.

In that decree it's specified that, if lawfully, CE marking has the value of presumptive pertinence of the product with respect to the final destination, and it legally attests its compliance.

The implication is that the product can be commercialized only if provided with CE mark.

CE Marking