Defender Decibel


Defender Decibel is a laminated safety glass with high acoustic insulation performances, able to retain a wide frequency range of sound vibrations.


It is made coupling two Element float glass sheets within one or more Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) films, with high acoustic insulation performance.


The high acoustic insulation and its resistance property make Defender Decibel usable both as single sheet and in insulating glass, in all those contests where acoustic pollution is particularly high.


Its utilization is mainly suggested in high urban traffic areas or in places which are close to airports, railroad stations, and other sites with great acoustic pollution.


Highly recommended in public residential buildings such as schools, hospitals, libraries, it finds an adequate placement also in offices partition walls and wherever an elevated acoustic comfort is needed without renouncing to the glass transparency.


Defender Decibel is also available in milk white colouring.