Velvet Antiscratch


Velvet Antiscratch is a satinated glass sheet on Element float basis.


Due to a particular surface chemical treatment, Velvet Antiscratch is characterized by a strong mechanical resistance to the scratches.


It is essentially employed in the production of tables, doors, pieces of furniture and in general in interior design applications.


Velvet Antiscratch is also available on extraclear basis.



Handling and Working

Chamfring, drilling, grinding: possible.

Lackering, enamelling, silvering:
ideal to this kind of processing. It's recommended, nevertheless, to wear the non treated side.

Binding, silk screening, tempering: possible on both sides.

Assembling with glues: ideal for glues which catalyze if they're shown to U.V. rays.

Lamination: possible. Ideal for laminating both with PVB and EVA. It is necessary in any case to lay the satin side outside.

Assembling of double glazed glass:
Velvet Antiscratch can be assembled into double glazed glass both as internal and external sheet. In any case it's advisable to take care of the integrity of the product, positioning the satin side in position 2 or 3.