Velvet Dual


Velvet Dual is a float Element based glass which has been satinated on both its surfaces.


Velvet Dual separates the spaces with elegance and refinement.


It's a discrete glass, caring of the privacy of protected rooms.


Velvet Dual is available both in monolytical and in laminated safety version.


Velvet Dual is also available on extraclear basis.


Handling and Working

Chamfring, drilling, grinding:

Lackering, enamelling, silvering:
ideal to this kind of processing.

Binding, silk screening, tempering: possible.

Assembling with glues: ideal for glues which catalyze if they're shown to U.V. rays.

Lamination: possible. Ideal for laminating both with PVB and EVA.

Assembling of double glazed glass:
Velvet Dual can be assembled into double glazed glass.